Best Designed Strollers in My Opinion

Strollers are designed for every weather and any time of the day. From providing long sun shades fighting hot summers to providing a warm and cozy environment in snow and cold winter. The best strollers are considered those fulfilling all the needs and provide extra features for the relief of its users. After seing different strollers these are my favorite features.

To protect your baby from harsh icy winds and snow, stroller coats are available often lined with fleece from the inside. They provide a nice, warm environment inside the stroller blocking all the cold. The stroller Footmuff can be used in collaboration with a car seat and can also be used separately to work as a blanket. It is provided with an inner lining of special fabric to keep the baby warm. The exterior is water repellent. The stroller hand muff remains perpetually attached to the stroller handle for the comfort and ease.

The arctic Footmuff is facilitated through the use of zip system. It provides ease and comfort of usage because of its zip lock and off system.

All year Footmuff strollers are also available in the market. They make use of special sheepskin which acts as a dual enabler. It keeps the baby warm during winters and during summers the baby is kept cool and dry because of its repellent skin. The expandable Footmuff as the name suggests, is adjustable and designed to be used by comparatively older kids. It caters to the needs of growing age children and adapts itself with the growth of the baby. Some strollers are also provided with balanced cup holders to facilitate the parents during cold winters. In this way during long shopping hours they can enjoy a hot cup of coffee along with the transportation of the baby. Strollers with irregular terrain wheels ensure its smooth, uninterrupted flow even on uneven and snowy base. To cope with mild winter stroller blankets are available that comes with 5 point adjustable strap system and an additional foot pocket holder for its comfortable usage. Certain strollers are pricy, but come in complete packages to fight the cruel winters. They include all the additional features of insulation, zip locking and storm cover.

Why I Think The Hospital Didn’t Get the Best Dehumidifiers

What Matters When Buying A Dehumidifier


Dehumidifier Vs Humidifier

What is humidity? It is the moisture content present in our surroundings. The humidity level best suited for good health ranges from 30-50%. There are two devices used to manipulate the humidity level. Dehumidifiers and humidifiers.

Dehumidifiers are used to reduce the moisture content of the surrounding air. These are used in a warm climate, mostly during summers. Dehumidifiers are used when the humidity level exceeds 50% and are helpful in overcoming allergies.

Humidifiers serve the opposite purpose and are used to increase the moisture content. Humidifiers are used in cold and dry weather, mostly winters. They are used when the moisture content falls below 35% and help in keeping the skin soft.

The basic aim is to keep the humidity level in check and within our desired range. The moisture content is the factor which decides if a humidifier is required or a dehumidifier.

The types of both are discussed below,

Mechanical or refrigerative dehumidifier is most commonly used and consists of a fan that sucks air over cooled pipes that result in condensation. The best dehumidifier is the adsorption type which has a desiccant and reduces the humidity to 35%. Desiccants absorb moisture easily and are rotated through the area where moisture is to be removed. Electronic Fehumidifiers use a heat pump to get a cool surface on which the moisture collects. Ionic Membrane Dehumidifiers work at a molecular level while makeshift Dehumidifiers like air conditioners are also used.

There are basically two types of humidifiers, Warm mist humidifiers and cool mist humidifiers. Warm mist humidifiers are most common as they only involve boiling water, which releases steam in the surroundings. As for the cool mist humidifiers there are a few types. Evaporative humidifier involves a fan blowing the water off a surface of a wick which has water absorbed. Impeller humidifier involves a rotating device which transferring water to a diffuser which disperses it into the air. Ultrasonic humidifier breaks the water into very small droplets which are then distributed by a fan.

Like everything else, these devices need maintenance.

Humidifiers should only use distilled water and need to be cleaned regularly. The area surrounding the humidifier should be kept relatively dry.

Clean the dehumidifier regularly and don’t let the water stand for long as that produces bacteria. The coil needs to be checked for frost in the cold weather as it decreases efficiency.

New Crib Mattresses for Our Hospital

Kalani cribs since a long period of time have remained the best choice for parents due to the safety and stability it offers to their children. Convertible designs, adjustable level for mattress and quality wood use surely sets them apart from the rest of the cribs available in the market.

Kalani Crib can be converted from toddler bed with rails to daybed and then a full size bed. The sustainable pine woods of New Zealand used in Kalani Cribs have nontoxic finishes for child safety. Extra strong slats add more security while the metal and spring mattress provides the optimum support needed for the crib.

Safety standards are largely ensured as the spindle static load strength goes up to 135 pounds, 55 pounds more than the industry’s standard. Total lead content in paint, substrate and surface coating is way lower compared to the other cribs available in the market.

54” x 35” x 41.8” dimensioned Kalani crib is certified from Canada SOR/2010-261 and JPMA, meeting the US and ASTM safety standards. With the front rail height of 35” and back rail height of 41.8”, the assembled weight reaches up to 56 pounds. This M5501 model is made in Taiwan and can hold a net weight of 50 pounds as a toddler bed and 500 pounds as a full size bed.

The manufacturers of the Kalani cribs deals with other collection as well, including a 299$ 4 drawer dresser, 259$ 3 drawer dresser, 399$ Combo dresser and a full size conversion Kit for cribs worth 89$

The Kalani crib mattress can be adjusted in four different levels considering the height of the kid for better safety. The best crib mattress for these cribs include the 199$ Willow Universal Fit Natural Coconut Palm Crib Mattress and the Emily Hypoallergenic Universal Fit Two sided Waterproof 260 Coil Crib mattress worth 119$.

Why I Think Parents Should Buy a Convertible Car Seat


Safety Is Always First


With the growth of your child comes much needed up gradation in the convertible car seat types. Convertible car seats provide three functions and advantages in one. It can be used facing front, back as well as boosters. They are designed for your facilitation. Some easy to clasp seats are available which are considered to be ideal and best convertible car seats. They help the mothers fasten their kids easily inside the seat with one hand. The clasps also come with adjustable straps to cope with the growth of your baby.

The straps should be easily adjusted with no complex steps. So that there is less fatigue while backing up and down the baby. There are special easy to access buttons designed with the seat for this purpose. An outstretched angle is very necessary to let the baby sleep in a relaxed and comfortable posture. The angle prevents the baby’s head to fall to and fro again and again according to the motion of the car. There are car seats that come with side padded extensions; they work best in case of some car accident and crash.

Britax car seat offers side padded protections as well as extra protection for the baby’s head inside the seat. This additional feature helps the baby to sleep in the car seat. It can be used both in front and back facing seat in the car. The deep inner case of the seat accounts for the balance of your baby.

The Graco car seat is extremely light in weight making its transport convenient.  It is convertible and can be used as a booster as well. It contains an adjustable strap system which helps the growing age kids. The car seat provides a very comfortable and extra padded head rest.

The Cosco car seat is cost-effective with side protection. It does not offer extra head rest protection as others. But it provides adjustable slots for shoulder height and safety.

Evenflo seat offers an adjustable harness system, but its cause is not deep enough to provide balance and support to the baby. The Evenflo seats come with a booster type also which provides extra head protection.

New technology advancements are being incorporated to make the car seats better and easy in usage. To cope up with the heat inside the car, insulating fabrics and skins are considered to be used for the seats.

Comfortable Crib Mattress Toppers for the Hospital’s Nursery


Planning the perfect nursery for your child? Wondering what items to add to the crib? Most people go with crib mattress toppers. What would be the Best Memory foam crib mattress topper? Some pre-requisites for it would be to be purely organic. It should be soft. It should not be too thick. It should perfectly inside the crib.

Holy Lamb Organics’ Cozy Buns Mattress Topper fits all those conditions perfectly. It is made from 100% organic wool batting. Wool is warm, but breathable, so it’s great for crib mattress toppings. It provides an extra cushioning, softness and warmth for the child. This particular crib mattress topper is hand made in the United States and is a perfect fit for the ideal crib size which is 28” X 52”.

As the wool is purely organic, it is environmental friendly and provides a healthy environment for your child to sleep in. In addition to the comfort, it also adds to the safety of the crib. The problem with most of the crib mattress toppers these days is the thickness. Some crib mattress toppers are too thick while some just do not have the required thickness. This particular crib mattress topper caters to that problem as well and is an ideal one inch thick.

Another problem is the proper fitting of the crib mattress topper inside the crib. Not only is this crib mattress topper the exact size of the crib, it comes with extra elastic straps that enable it to be fastened to the crib and provides a secure and safe environment for your child to be sleeping in. Another added advantage in this product is that it is very lightweight and weighs only 3.2 ounces.

Similar products for cradles or bassinets are also available for purchase. If they are not already available, you can also give a custom order to prepare the items as per your liking.

If you do give a custom order, it is made especially for you. No cancellation is allowed after an order has been placed. If you wish to make changes to your order, you can do that within three days of placing your order. No alteration requests will be entertained after that. If an item is to be returned, it can be done so within a month with 20% return fee, provided that it has not been used. Similarly a defective item can be returned within ten days.

Why I Became a Nurse?

I decided to be a nurse in a very difficult period of my life. I reached a point where I questioned my way of living. I may talk about this in a future post. But back to the topic at hand I started my career as a nurse in 2010.

I said to myself that I wasn’t doing anything meaningful with my life I wasn’t helping anyone so I was useless to society. Actually my grandma was a nurse and she advised me to give this career a go. She was right because I don’t regret my decision one bit.

Of course I had to take nursing courses but I felt a strong desire to do this job, to help sick on dying people so learning to become a nurse was a joy and not a burden. Also this Job has allowed me to meet some wonderful and interesting people. I think some of them even deserve to be called saints and they have forever helped me to become a better person.

Being in us also has its negative side because you get the front row seat at the end of many people’s lives. But his job has opened my eyes even more and I see this now as a normal part of life even more dim before. I’m thankful I got to meet the people that are no longer with us and I pray that there enjoying the new existence in the afterlife. I guess this is pretty much why I chose this career and if you feel lost and without a compass in your life being a nurse and helping others in their time of need may be the thing that brings balance to your existence.


Yours faithfully,


My First Post

I thought long and hard, if I should make a blog or not, but finally I said why not. Oh, BTW my name is Zoey Davenport and I am an experienced nurse. My blog will follow my day to day activities from my home to the hospital and back.

Have a nice day,