Comfortable Crib Mattress Toppers for the Hospital’s Nursery

  Planning the perfect nursery for your child? Wondering what items to add to the crib? Most people go with crib mattress toppers. What would be the Best Memory foam crib mattress topper? Some pre-requisites for it would be to be purely organic. It should be soft. It should not be too thick. It should […]

Why I Became a Nurse?

I decided to be a nurse in a very difficult period of my life. I reached a point where I questioned my way of living. I may talk about this in a future post. But back to the topic at hand I started my career as a nurse in 2010. I said to myself that […]

My First Post

I thought long and hard, if I should make a blog or not, but finally I said why not. Oh, BTW my name is Zoey Davenport and I am an experienced nurse. My blog will follow my day to day activities from my home to the hospital and back. Have a nice day, Zoey